Travel Q&A

South America on a budget

How can my husband and I travel around South America without breaking the bank?

Fly to South America for less

Is there any way to get to South America for less?

Can I access affordable internet while cruising overseas?

I am going on a cruise later this year and want to stay in contact with my family. I have heard

Travel insurance and car hire

YOURLifeChoices subscriber Marty is hitting the open road in New Zealand and wants to ensure he

Will we get travel insurance?

Pre-exisiting medical conditions can make travel insurance an expensive option.

Will we be excluded from affordable travel insurance?

My partner and I are both 73 years of age and planning to travel to Europe to visit family for

Travel Q&A - Mobile Internet

I want to be able to check my emails and research tourist destinations on my laptop but I'm

Travel agent versus online

I'm planning an overseas trip and I want to get the best deal possible. Should I use a travel agent

Travel Q&A - Staying in touch while on the road

I am planning a long caravan trip around Australia and want to stay in contact with my family, what

Creating an E-mail Account

I want to sign up for your e-newsletter but I don't have an email address. I don't want to

Long haul travel

Q. Johan My mother is 81 years old and wheelchair bound as her left leg was amputated some years

Seniors group travel

Travel shouldn’t stop just because you’re older or have no-one with whom to travel.

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