Travel Q&A

What not to do in a plane emergency

The investigation of plane crash reveals preventable deaths.

Travel SOS: Which credit card is best for travel?

Edith is planning an overseas trip next year and is wondering about the best way to handle her

Travel SOS: How can I support local tourism now?

Jean wants to know how she's supposed to help tourism during lockdown.

Travel SOS: Where can you find the best package deals?

Carole wants to know where are the best places to look for travel deals.

Travel SOS: Is it possible to buy now and pay later for travel?

Cherie has had to cancel a trip to Europe due to COVID-19, but has a plan to save money.

Travel SOS: How fresh is airline food?

Toby wonders how long airline food sits in the trays before it is served to passengers.

Travel SOS: Where to travel for every month of the year

Karen wasn't satisfied with her zodiac destination and wants some other suggestions.

Which cruise ships have the best onboard dining experiences?

Theresa loves her food and wants to know which cruises scoop the dining awards.

How to fly comfortably if you suffer from back pain

Paul is worried about taking a long-haul flight with his bad back.

Travel SOS: travelling with limited mobility

Bill wants some advice on how and where to travel with limited mobility.

What you need to know before you book with a budget airline

June is considering a budget airline for the first time and wants to know if there is anything she

Travel SOS: Can you get free flights by conveying a package?

Julia has heard of a way to secure free flights, but is it true?

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