Dating on a plane? There’s an app for that

Further proof that there’s an app for everything, AirDates is an inflight dating app.

using a smartphone at an airport

SJ is a regular travel contributor to YourLifeChoices. Her plane essentials include noise-cancelling headphones, a solid Spotify playlist, sleeping tablets, an eyemask and a large scarf that doubles as a blanket on cold flights – i.e. every night.

Let’s face it, airports and flights can be pretty boring, faceless and lonely places, especially when you’re travelling or in transit for prolonged periods of time. AirDates is an interesting new initiative that aims to make these times a little less lonesome, by trying to help you find that special someone.

Claiming to be the only inflight dating app – a fact we don’t doubt – AirDates allows you to scan your surrounding area, connect with people of interest and chat to them during the flight.

So how does it work? Once you’ve downloaded the free app, simply enter your flight details before arriving at the airport. Update your preferences – depending on your mood you can be visible for your surroundings or remain hidden, while still being able to chat. Connect with any fellow passengers of interest and chat with them in the terminal using internet. You can continue to chat on the plane by switching on airplane mode, wifi and Bluetooth.

blurred shot of passengers in a terminal

While clearly a novel concept, it is one that most of us will either love or hate. The idea of being trapped on a plane, and in contact with someone if the conversation is not going in the right direction is enough to instil claustrophobia in anyone. However, on the other hand, when you drill down to it and take the pressure of dating away, the notion of being able to connect with fellow passengers going to the same destination has a lot of merit – especially for solo travellers. Not only would you be able to share tips about the destination but you could end up with a companion with whom to sightsee or dine.

Find out more at AirDates and tell us what you think. If you’re single, would you download AirDates to try and find the one at 10,000ft? If you’re spoken for, would you welcome the chance to chat to fellow passengers on your flight?



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    21st Feb 2017
    Not available for Android?
    28th Jan 2020
    Great , I wonder if this app is available for that site

    8th Apr 2020
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