Don’t pay to stay

Launched in 2011 by entrepreneur Debbie Wosskow, Love Home Swap acts as a home ‘matchmaker’ for those adventurous enough to get off the beaten track and stay in someone else’s home. Based on the way Kate Winslet and Cameron Diaz swapped houses for Christmas in The Holiday, the concept, as described by Wosskow, is “like online dating for homes”.

Similar to the idea of Airbnb, Love Home Swap now has nearly 46,000 homes across 80 countries listed, leading to thousands of dollars worth of savings in accommodation costs.

Aimed at the cash-conscious traveller who doesn’t want to blow the majority of their travel budget on hotels, Love Home Swap avoids tax troubles as no money is exchanged for the property. Instead, Love Home Swap generates its revenue from annual subscription fees. This form of home exchange is no different to having guests come and stay at your home.

Unlike hotels, when people advertise their homes they are usually selling their neighbourhood, the parks and cozy cafes that come from an insider’s knowledge.

With the ability to carefully screen guests through Skype and video tours before agreeing to swap, Love Home Swap is raved about by members.

Why not take a look at Love Home Swap and tell us what you think? Would you consider swapping your home as a way of making your next trip more affordable?