Never worry about surprise luggage fees again

Never again exceed your bag’s weight limit with this handy digital scale.

Ensure your bag stays under weight

Have you ever arrived at the airport and discovered your bag exceeds the weight limit, followed by being asked to pay an exorbitant amount of extra money by the check-in assistant just to get your luggage on board? I have – €34 per bag to be exact.

When travelling, the weight of your bag can change … a lot. If you’re shedding clothing that’s no longer weather appropriate, buying souvenirs or presents for those back home, or even getting through that shampoo bottle, it’s nearly impossible to keep track of when you might hit that check-in weight limit. 

With this mini portable luggage scale, you’ll always know exactly what you’re in for. It’s simple. Just attach the strap from a handle on your luggage, and when you lift the bag or suitcase with the handheld scales they will display the item’s weight. It has a weight capacity of up to 50kg and precision accuracy to within 100g.

The Tarriss Jetsetter digital scale comes with a lifetime warranty and promises a 100 per cent satisfaction guarantee.

Have you ever been stung with excess baggage fees at the airport? Is it worth having portable scales such as these to save you on excessive fees? Or do you have other tips for staying under weight?



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    Retiring Well
    13th Oct 2018
    We have one in our RV to weigh our gas bottles.
    13th Oct 2018
    I've actually purchased my digital luggage scales from The Reject Shop - the cheapest shop for them locally.

    Mine is the same style, but a little bit bigger and sturdier for holding as it fits into your hand and doesn't leave a 'lasting impression' when you put the bag down.

    The strap is joined in a buckle style connector, like the straps that are in the shopping trolleys that you put your child into.
    13th Oct 2018
    Bought mine in Aldi.
    13th Oct 2018
    Another expensive add from Your Life Choices.
    $25.97 down to $14.97 - You must be joking.
    Ours was only $8.00 And that was at Adelaide Airport.
    So I assume they would be a lot less in normal discount shops.
    13th Oct 2018
    Bought mine on ebay years ago for a couple of dollars. Still work perfectly. Probably come from the same factory as these fancy ones.

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