Travel Gadget: The germaphobe’s survival kit

Six essential items that should be in every germaphobes’ travel kit.

Germaphobes’ survival kit

The high risk of coming into contact with countless germs can make travelling stressful for germaphobes .Fear not, here are six essentials for a germ-free getaway.

Antibacterial hand sanitiser

Hand sanitiser is travel hygiene 101, and it’s an essential. Just make sure you bring a bottle that’s 100ml or less, such as this Dettol Instant Hand Sanitiser, so you can keep it with you on flights.

Shower shoes

Showers can act as a petri dish for bacterial growth and are used by so many different people it’s best to avoid touching them all together. While we’d like to link you to a fancy alternative, the truth is that your rubber thongs or sandals work just as well. The important thing is remembering to bring them on holiday.

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