Secretly great things about a rainy weekend away

If you ask us, rainy holidays are underrated. Sure, you can’t chill on the beach, your al fresco dining plans are scuppered and your hair is permanently a frizzy mess, but who cares when you have the perfect excuse to lie in bed until midday?

If you’re planning a winter getaway, the best way to deal with seasonal downpours is to embrace them; cosy pyjamas, scented candles and all. Here are just a few reasons why we think wet and windy holidays are actually rather good.

1. You can have a movie day

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On a hot weekend, there’s pressure to ‘make the most’ of the sunshine by getting up at the crack of dawn and planning a bunch of outdoor activities for the entire day.

When it’s grey and gloomy outside, you feel no guilt about spending an indulgent day on the sofa watching classic movies back to back. Curling up in a cosy blanket with a hot beverage and a cheesy, feel-good film is a more restorative way to spend your annual leave than trooping around sightseeing all day.

2. Getting layered up against the elements

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Wearing head-to-toe denim and getting soaked to the bone is never fun, but if you’re properly prepared with the right gear, getting randomly caught in the rain can actually be really invigorating.

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Plus, many places are less crowded when it’s raining too, which means you can enjoy seeing the sights without being surrounded by hordes of other tourists.

3. Hot showers after a bracing rainy ramble
Whether you love being in the rain or you can’t wait for it to end, there’s one thing we can all agree on: nothing feels better than jumping into a hot shower after spending the day on a waterlogged hike. Even better? Slipping into a fresh pair of pyjamas and some fluffy slippers.

4. Lie-ins feel so much better
Many of us love using a holiday as an excuse to stay in bed. Add a downpour to the mix, and I think we can pretty much all agree that the proper response to leaving the house is ‘no thank you, I’ll stay right here’.

5. Cosy board game nights by the fire

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Even if rain isn’t your favourite type of weather, there are plenty of rainy-day activities that are just as fun as getting outdoors, such as baking, painting and breaking out the board games. Seriously, does anything beat the feeling of winning a super competitive game of Scrabble?

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6. Splashing in puddles

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Splashing in puddles doesn’t have to be an activity you only do with the grandkids – if it’s raining outside, why not throw on your gumboots and head out puddle splashing? Trust us, it’s actually way more fun than going on a regular walk.

7. You can play photographer for the day

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When the storm clouds roll in, most people tend to curl up inside and enjoy a hot cup of tea – but we reckon you should head outside with a camera instead. Rain showers make for one epic photo opportunity. Rain is mysterious and dramatic, and it changes landscapes and people.

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Everyone has a cheesy posed picture in the sunshine, but a unique family shot of you all laughing mid-rain shower? It’s one holiday memory you won’t forget.

What do you love about a rainy weekend away?

– With PA

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