Travelling On A Budget

Seniors Travelling on a budgetYourLifeChoices understands how travelling on a budget can limit your senior travel options but thanks to some clever insider knowledge, we can help you get further on your Age Pension.

Find out how you can maximise your seniors card travel concessions, what you can do around Australia for little or no cost and how you can enjoy seniors travel for free… well, almost free!



Saving for a holiday

Saving coins in a jar for travel with minature aeroplane

Saving for a holiday

We thought we’d come up with a few ideas on saving for your holiday.

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  1. Six tips to cut your travel costs
  1. No such thing as a 'free' ride
  1. Book a cruise to match your budget

A trick to secure cheaper flights

A clever trick to secure cheaper flights

A trick to secure cheaper flights

Get the cheapest domestic flight in Australia with this little-known trick.

The best day to book a hotel is …

The best day to book a hotel is …

The best day to book a hotel is …

Booking a hotel? Recent research has proved one day is better than others for that. ...

Spreading the cost of a holiday

two piggy banks on deck chairs

Spreading the cost of a holiday

In this week’s Travel SOS, we look at ways that Lynne can spread the cost ...

Learn to bargain like a pro

Mature tourists looking for souvenirs at market to haggle for

Learn to bargain like a pro

Here are five tips for bargaining like a pro on holiday.

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