Accessing seniors fares in NSW

Rosslyn is heading to Sydney but is unsure how she can access Seniors Card concession fares on public transport without an Opal Card.

Q. Rosslyn
I have a Victorian Seniors Card and wanted to get a Seniors Opal Card for public transport in Sydney. I noticed on its website that it is only available to NSW seniors. You mentioned in your publication that there is now agreement between the states to allow seniors to use their Seniors Card in other states for discount public transport. How can I use my Victorian Seniors Card to get the concession price for public transport in Sydney?

A. Opal cards are only available to NSW residents, however, the public transport system in NSW still issues paper tickets, for which you can use your Seniors Card to obtain the most appropriate seniors fare.

You can find out more at Transport NSW

Remember, it’s always worth asking about other discounts your interstate Seniors Card can be used to access as many businesses will honour discounts offered via that state’s Seniors Card program.

Written by Debbie McTaggart