Wrinkle-free packing tips

There are a few ways to approach the struggle to keep clothing wrinkle-free while travelling.

Be proactive and try to avoid the problem before it even occurs by packing wrinkle-resistant clothing. We know it sounds excessive, but if you’re tossing up between two outfits, it’s definitely a factor to consider. According to Packsmith, the fabrics that will hold up better after time inside a bag or suitcase are wool, cashmere, knits, jersey, lyocell, spandex and lycra.

There are also a number of packing techniques that promise wrinkle-free results. The easiest of these is to roll rather than fold your clothes. This works particularly well for soft clothing.

However, rolling isn’t a reliable method for certain types of clothing, such as button up or work style shirts. For these, we recommend folding your clothes with a piece of tissue paper in the middle. For extra protection, place a sheet of plastic around or between each item of clothing. While this may seem excessive, the plastic and tissue paper reduce friction, which is the cause of wrinkles.

But what if you’ve arrived at your destination, and the wrinkles have appeared despite your packing efforts? You can either try to find a steamer or iron handy, or you can take a more low key approach. Steam is known to relax wrinkles, so hang clothing in the bathroom when and after you shower to help relax those creases.

Alternatively, you could buy and apply a wrinkle spray on your clothes after you arrive at your destination. Or dampen your clothes slightly with warm water using a wet towel and hang them up upon arrival.

Would you try these methods of wrinkle reduction? What techniques and tricks do you use?