Explaining astrology: It’s about more than your star sign

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Mercury in retrograde, ascendant signs, horoscopes – if you haven’t yet caught on to astrology, these terms probably sound like a foreign language to you.

Astrology has grown in popularity in recent years, and it’s become just as common to be asked, ‘What’s your sign?’ as it is to see someone’s star sign listed on their social media.

Even if you’re a total sceptic, it’s interesting to learn about some of the basics, and it could help you out on your next trivia night. We asked astrology expert Amelia Quint to explain.

1. Astrology uses the stars to tell us more about life
If you asked 10 different astrologers to explain what astrology actually is, they’ll likely all give you a different answer. At its essence though, astrology is a system that uses the position of the stars to explain personalities and events, says Ms Quint.

“It’s a symbolic language that connects myths from around the world to express deep truths about ourselves and the world around us,” she says. “That’s why when someone says, ‘They’re such a Scorpio!’ you know what they mean.”

2. You need to know your ‘big three’
If you’re just dipping a toe into astrology waters, Ms Quint says to learn your ‘big three’. “That’s your sun sign, moon sign and rising sign,” she outlines. “These three are parts of your astrology chart, which is essentially a snapshot of the cosmos at the time you were born. Each planet and point in the chart reveal unique things about your personality, and it goes much deeper than just your sun sign.”

Your sun sign is what’s commonly referred to as your classic star sign (“The heart of the personality and what you are deep in your core.”).

Your moon sign, meanwhile, is the sign the moon was in at the time you were born. “It shows your emotional side, including what you need in order to feel safe, loved, and nurtured,” says Ms Quint. “Look to your moon sign to find out whether you’re an introvert or extrovert, and what kind of activities can help you recharge.”

Your rising sign is a bit different and takes into account the moment you were born. There are rising sign calculators online that can help you track yours down – same goes for your astrology chart. “This sign is the first impression you make on other people. If they were to guess your sign, they’ll often choose this one instead of your sun sign,” says Ms Quint.

3. Your star sign tells other people about your personality
Your star sign is another name for your sun sign. “It shows the traits that remain constant throughout your life, like how you tend to approach situations, your likes and dislikes, and your unique strengths,” says Ms Quint. “It’s your true self, and when you’re expressing it, you can’t help but be radiant.”

4. Your ruler planet can tell you about big life changes
In astrology, each sign is associated with a planet, and that planet is called the sign’s ‘ruler’.

“Your ruling planet is the planet that rules your rising sign. It makes that planet’s placement in your chart stand out, and you embody more of those qualities,” Ms Quint explains. “You’ll also experience the transits of your ruling planet more strongly and have bigger events and inner shifts happen in alignment with that planet’s movements.”


5. Mercury in retrograde can seriously switch up your life
Ms Quint says mercury retrograde is a three-week period where the planet Mercury appears to be moving backwards through the sky. But that’s the trick – it’s not actually moving in reverse. It’s an optical illusion.

“It happens three times a year, so it’s actually quite routine,” she says. “Mercury is the planet of communication, so this period can result in tech snafus and tough conversations, but it can also help you find new, more effective ways to express yourself.

“It’s surprisingly good for creatives seeking fresh inspiration. Essentially, if you’re trying to do everything the way you were before the retrograde, you’ll find it frustrating, but if you’re willing to shift your perspective, it’ll go much more smoothly.”


6. Astrology might help you find ‘the one’
Astrology can be a really useful tool for self-awareness, and by learning more about what you want using the stars, you can better understand what you’re looking for in a partner.

“It’s an exciting way to delve deeper into someone else’s personality and share yours,” says Ms Quint. “Knowing your partner’s sun sign is a great starting point, but the secret really lies in knowing their Venus sign. It represents the communication style they bring to the relationship, and how they define romance.”


Do you know your three signs? Do you believe in astrology or think it’s a waste of time?

– With PA

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  1. 0

    It’s the same as all religions, based on Myths promoted as facts.
    if it helps you live a better life, go for it.

  2. 0

    It sells magazines. That and royal family stories are what keeps the gullible buying the irrelevant. No amount of fannying around with so called explanations of the intricacies of bullstrology can overcome the basic premise that I share the same fate as the other 1 twelth of the population which share the same star sign. Must be a slow day at the office for this twaddle to rate a mention on this site.

  3. 0

    Too obtain your free reading there is a long list of terms and agreements to read first. Not a reader

  4. 0

    I did astrology charts for people many years ago, and to me it’s working! Only people with challenges in their lives came to see me, and those challenges were often evident in the chart. I don’t follow it much nowadays, but when something extraordinary happens I usually check what the stars were doing, and often there is a confirmation there. The best website to check it out is http://www.astro.com, and it’s all free! You only pay for detailed analysis, and they are using the world’s most renowned astrologers.

  5. 0

    Your zodiac sign has no relevance whatsoever to your life outcomes. Proof that date of birth is irrelevant is demonstrated by twins whose lives are totally different. Another way to look at it is to consider the world’s population of 7.8 billion with an average of say 650 million people per zodiac sign. It is totally naive to believe that each set of 650 million people all have the same life outcomes which are totally different to the people in each of the other 11 sets of 650 million.

  6. 0

    The sun zodiacal signs are out of kilter.
    The earth precesses due to its spin and motion around the sun. One cycle of precession is about 24,000 years. Western astrology was layed out about 2000 years ago, so the sun signs are out by one zodiacal sign.
    I first noticed this when living in Broome with a clear sunset view. I realised that the constellation of Leo would not make it into alignment with the sun by August. Also a chap living on the land near me who constructed astrology charts said that Jupiter was in Sagittarius. That night I showed him a whopping big planet sitting in the middle of Scorpio adjacent to Antares.
    So it’s all a bit ho hum.



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