Kevin wants your money

It took less than 24 hours from the unseating of Julia Gillard for Kevin Rudd’s office to send out a begging letter. You, too, may have received one. Rather than paraphrasing, here it is in its entirety.

On Behalf Of Kevin Rudd
Sent: Thursday, 27 June 2013 1:48 PM
To: David

Subject: Together, we can win


In recent years, politics has failed the Australian people. There has just been too much negativity all round. There’s been an erosion of trust.

Negative personal politics has done much to bring dishonour to our parliament but done nothing to address the urgent challenges facing our country, our communities and our families.

In fact it has been holding our country back.

This must stop, and with all my heart that is the purpose that I intend to pursue as Prime Minister.

I want to acknowledge the achievements of my predecessor, Julia Gillard. She is a woman of extraordinary intelligence, of great strength and energy. She has achieved much under the difficult circumstances of minority government.

Every effort I have in my being will be dedicated to uniting the Australian Labor Party. No retributions, no pay backs, none of that stuff. It is pointless, it is old politics.

Together, we can win and defend all that Labor has achieved in the past six years. Join the campaign today or click here to donate.



For those who missed out, you can email here and receive your own copy.


Opinion: Kevin just has to be kidding

David was even quicker off the mark than Kev – here is his reply, again in its entirety:


As a long-time, self-employed small business proprietor, I work through my notional ‘lunch break’. Since you’ve seen fit to intrude, unsolicited, on my screen, I feel fully entitled to give you some uncensored, ‘grass-roots’ feedback.

Your spiel is big on the need to replace the negativity that has characterised Australian politics ‘in recent years’. So let’s get a little more specific. I suspect that ‘negativity’ started on 24/6/10 when you quite legitimately and constitutionally lost the confidence of a majority of your parliamentary colleagues and caucus voted to replace you with your then deputy. She had already demonstrated, both privately and publicly, her superior decision-making, management and inter-personal skills during your frequent overseas junkets. When you were away, ‘stuff’ got done and the senior bureaucrats soon learned when it was best to submit anything which required a decision rather than micro-managing.

But you couldn’t accept caucus’ decision, so you embarked on an unprecedented, sustained campaign to undermine, at every opportunity, your successor. You leaked like a sieve to the media, especially the already heavily biased News stable, and they soaked it all up and spat it out for public consumption to a largely gullible electorate.

Well, congratulations Kevin, after three long years of despicable betrayal, you’ve got what you wanted. You’ve dispatched a leader with more guts, grace and integrity in her little finger than you have in your entire scheming and insincere being. Her only significant miscalculation was failing to let you dig your own grave back in 2010. Then your numerous shortcomings and breathtaking hubris would have been more evident to the voting public.

Impartial and better-qualified commentators than myself have documented just how effective was your sabotage of the Gillard Government. The very fact that the 2010 election resulted in a minority Labor Government, dependent upon the support of a disparate group of independents and beholden to the Greens, must have been very satisfying. And then, the PM soldiered on for three long years of getting up every morning and going out to confront numerous opponents; both the official Opposition in Federal Parliament and that orchestrated by yourself in the Government’s own ranks. Very few, male or female, could have survived, let alone performed and delivered, under such a sustained, venomous and personal attack.

Sadly, there is no evidence that your time in the wilderness of the backbench has taught you anything. Certainly, your overweening ego, and the gobsmacking hypocrisy evident in your most recent public utterances, would suggest quite the reverse. Yes, you’re correct on one point and that’s the need to significantly raise the standard of politics in Australia, both in general and in the House of Reps in particular. However, based on your track record, I doubt that you’re the one to achieve this desperately needed reform.

If the Federal Opposition Leader was the last pollie left on earth, nothing could induce me to vote for him. Likewise, yourself. The Greens and independents are now looking particularly attractive. They could represent the last vestige of integrity in the contemporary Australian political landscape.



David is clearly jacked off by Kevin’s request for financial support. What do you think? Has he been too harsh? Does Kevin deserve our financial and/or political support?

Does Kevin deserve our financial support?
Does Kevin deserve our political support?