Old Dudes rock

Looking for the perfect gift for the favourite Old Dudes in your life? Then newly-hatched entrepreneur Bob Carey has something for you. A youthful 64, Bob has just launched Old Dudes Pty Ltd, a company that promotes his philosophy that age is just a matter of attitude and that Old Dudes are not only not done yet, they rock!

His first products are a range of stylish black men’s t-shirts with a logo featuring a stylised kangaroo, a sun that’s still at least half-up (which is how Bob see Old Dudes’ stage in life) and, in most cases, figurehead Old Dude, Max. Messages include the generic ‘Old Dudes with Attitude’ and ‘Old Dudes Rock’, plus salutes to Old Dudes Still Fishin’, Still Golfin’ and Still Rockin’. Polo shirts are already on the production line and a women’s range and other products – including Old Dude events – are planned for down the track.

Bob began his business life working for General Motors Holden for 42 years, at times moonlighting with a business partner as a restaurateur. He’s also a long-time muso who’s backed acts including Normie Rowe and The Platters. Read more about Bob in the September issue of Your Life magazine; for a taste of his story and to order Old Dude products, click here

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