Rejected Age Pension claim

YOURLifeChoices member Bill is confused by the fact that Centrelink asked him to put in a claim for the Age Pension, only for it to be rejected. Why did this happen?

Q. Bill
I would like to know when to apply for the Age Pension. Firstly someone from Centrelink phoned me and asked me to apply. I filled out all the forms, but my claim was rejected. Centrelink phoned again and told me to apply for a Commonwealth Health Care Card. That was two months ago and I haven’t been advised if this claim has been accepted. However, I did receive a call to advise that my tax returns had been mislaid and so I resent. I will be 66 in December 2012 and have been on Work Cover benefits for 13 years.

A. From what you have told me, I can only assume that your income and assets push you over the threshold to receive an Age Pension, but that you may be eligible as a self-funded retiree to receive a Commonwealth Seniors Health Card. You will have to contact Centrelink directly to find the outcome of your claim for a Commonwealth Seniors Health Card.

To better understand how your claim for the Age Pension is processed and what factors can affect your claim, you should read the information available on  

If you do not agree with Centrelink’s decision to refuse your claim for the Age Pension, you can at any time ask them to review your details. If you still disagree with its ruling, you can ask the Commonwealth Ombusdman to review your case. You can find out more at

Written by Debbie McTaggart