Supermarket rewards wars

Claiming to have changed the face of reward programs, Coles has launched its new Flybuys My5 program with great fanfare including rolling out Curtis Stone and Dawn French to publicise its new offering.

Participants in the Flybuys My5 register their card and details online, then choose five favourite products from a list of 5000. When spending over $50, each of these five products will be reduced by 10 per cent, even if they’re on special. This deal ends on 31 October 2012.

Woolworths have reacted by revamping its Rewards program, but rather than go for the celebrity endorsement, it’s letting its offer speak for itself. Holders of Rewards cards do not need to register online for this offering. Woolworths will choose 1200 products and select a discount of between 20 to 50 per cent for each product. When you purchase these products and swipe your rewards card, the discount will be applied. There is no minimum spend and no end date.

To find out more details of how the rewards programs compare to each other, read the full article at

Battles between the big supermarket chains can ultimately lead to big wins for consumers but suppliers lose out. With supermarkets having a long-term monopoly in Australia and the licence to charge consumers what they choose, is this push to be ‘the good guys’ too little too late?

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