Did you know that half of all Australians do not have a will?
Do you know what happens to your assets and savings, however major or meagre, as well as your debt and even your pets if you don’t have a will?
Do you even know the first thing you need to know about creating a will?
Aaron Zelman from willed.com.au will answer those very questions – and more – during our free online webinar broadcasting live on 20 October at 1pm.

So join Aaron and Leon as we cover:

  • what happens if you don’t have a will or it’s not up to date
  • why certain people are motivated to get a will (and why some people need a kick up the bum)
  • obstacles to getting a will and how to overcome them
  • do you really need a will if you don’t have many assets?
  • what can and can’t be included in a will?
  • what a will typically costs?
  • what are the key roles when making a will?
  • when should a will be updated?

We’ll take you through the process step-by-step and break down often difficult terminology associated with wills and estates, leaving you much more confident to tick this most important to-do item off your list.

And, for those who attend the webinar, you have the chance to ask anything you’d like to know about making a will.

So, lock in Tuesday 20 October at 1pm for one hour of all you need to know about wills.