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Article: Pension changes clarified
Why it worked: More than 70 per cent of retirees are on a full or part Age Pension,  so any changes are vital information for them to stay up-to-date. It can be difficult to access plain English explanations from government sites, so accessible summaries always click well.
Author: Debbie McTaggart

Article: Seven worst retirement mistakes
Why it worked: Of critical interest to our audience. As the rules on the Age Pension and superannuation are so convoluted, it is easy to make an error with investments and retirement income. Such errors can be costly when entering or in retirement.
Author: Debbie McTaggart

Article: Affordable business class upgrades
Why it worked: It doesn’t matter if you have $1000 or $1,000,000 in the bank, everyone wants to get the very best deal when travelling. Business class travel is an aspirational experience for all our members who believe retirement is a reward for hard work, and business class travel the icing on the cake.
Author: Kay O’Sullivan

Article: How your thyroid affects your health
Why it worked: Older Australians understand how common thyroid issues are, but there is very little information shared on this subject. Again, simple, accessible explanations are very popular.

Article: The worst passwords of 2015
Why it worked: Lists work – just look how Buzzfeed has grown. This article appeals to the curiosity of the reader (is my password on the list?) while also appealing to those wishing to avoid the same mistake.
Author: Ryan Boutland

*Campaign Monitor February 2016


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