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Kaye was the founder of YourLifeChoices magazine and website.



Kaye reflects on COVID-19

You don't know what you've got ‘til it's gone …

Age Pension

Opinion: How Centrelink really works

Surely, we can do better for those in need.


Dress sense becomes a meaty issue

Age carries many responsibilities, but is dressing ‘appropriately' one of them? Kaye Fallick has


Is this the finest affordable five-star hotel in Brisbane?

Five stars, fine dining, fabulous location and a fair price: what more could you want from accommodation?


Five must-do experiences in Ireland

Kaye shares her favourite Irish city, country town, coastal drive, castle and medieval port.


Mind Your Own Retirement Podcasts

The Mind Your Own Retirement Podcast is now live and available on iTunes, Google Play, Soundcloud and

Income and asset tests

Comment: Are deeming rates the ultimate retiree tax?

Deeming rate cuts don't go far enough, writes Kaye Fallick.

Finance News

Comment: Retirees hurt by tax cuts

Cuts will see retirees fall further behind, writes Kaye Fallick.

Age Pension

How the Pension Loans Scheme has changed

The Pension Loans Scheme has been expanded to include all people of Age Pension age with real


Five unmissable things to do in Dublin

It's always the locals who make a destination special and Dublin is no exception.

Federal Election 2019

Australia mourns the death of one of its favourite sons

An outpouring of grief and fond memories marks the passing of Bob Hawke.


Comment: Franking credits and who is really affected

Ninety-two per cent of Australians unaffected by Labor's proposal.

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