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Supermarkets make mandatory vaccination call

Supermarket workers will be required to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19.


Fears over slow vaccine rollout in non-COVID states

Experts say some states are missing out on the 'maximum protection period' for vaccines.


What 'living with COVID' could mean

The COVID-19 pandemic won't end with a bang, but more likely a fizzle.

Federal Government

Federation 'ill-equipped' to deal with 21st-century challenges

Is federal politics too short-sighted and shallow for modern-day challenges?

Federal Government

Nationals' Barnaby Joyce warns against being 'forced into a corner'

Nationals leader Barnaby Joyce says his party won't be "forced into a corner" on the government's proposed

Federal Government

Australia becoming a 'dumping ground' for polluting cars

Australia has resisted signing up to standards requiring restrictions on pollutants in petrol.

Federal Government

Zali Steggall says lies in political ads are legal. Is she correct?

Concerns have been raised over the prospect of misleading political advertising.


Microplastics found in soil samples, but health impacts unknown

Researchers at the University of Newcastle have discovered microplastics in backyard soil samples.

Finance News

Pandora Papers reveal secrets of the world's rich and powerful

A global leak unlocks the financial secrets of politicians, billionaires and criminals.

Finance News

Expect parcel delays to continue through to Christmas: Expert

Lengthy delivery times are here to stay.

Federal Government

Disaster payments to be scaled back as vaccination rates rise

Financial support for people who have lost work due to COVID-19 will soon be wound back.


What is retinol? Is it anti-ageing's gold standard for skincare?

Skincare can be a convoluted puzzle.

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