Can I get a single Age Pension?

Pauline is fresh out of a de facto relationship but is still living with her ex. She wants to know if she can apply for a single Age Pension. Today, Debbie explains how will Centrelink may assess her situation.

Q. Pauline
I have been in a de facto relationship for some years, however, we have now decided to part ways. We’ve always had separate bank accounts and our own assets and income. We have always split our living costs, including rent and utilities. Given the fact that neither of us is looking for another relationship and the cost of renting is so high, we have discussed remaining in the same house, each with our own space.

If we did this, how would it affect our Age Pension? Would be able to claim as singles?

A. Given that you have been in a relationship and live in the same house, Centrelink is inclined to consider that you are both still a couple. However, if your separation is legitimate and you can prove that there is a valid reason why you’ll remain under the same roof, you can ask Centrelink to consider your claim for a single Age Pension.

Centrelink would conduct an investigation and would require independent referees. It should also be noted that this is not the norm and there is no guarantee that your claim will be approved.

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Written by Debbie McTaggart

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