Can I travel overseas?

James is confused by Centrelink rules and wants to know if a second overseas trip will affect his Age Pension.

Q. James
I will try and keep this simple. I am confused as the Centrelink web info is not clear to me.

I am 73-years-old and worked and lived in Australia all my life. When I turned 70, I went for a two and half year overseas holiday. In effect, I was overseas for two and half years. (January 2015 to August 2017) As soon as I returned I applied for the Australian Age Pension and was successful. I returned to Australia August 2017. My Age Pension was approved December 2017.

So, am I able to go on another overseas holiday early in 2018 for say 6 weeks? Or, can I in early in 2018 move permanently overseas? (Thailand)

A. As you returned to Australia to claim an Age Pension, you are subject to the two-year residency rule which means that your Age Pension will be stopped if you leave Australia permanently.

In regards to taking a six-week holiday, you will need to clarify with Centrelink directly. While you are able to travel overseas temporarily during the two-year residency period, you will need to confirm that Centrelink does indeed consider your trip within the ‘rules’.

It would probably be useful for you to make an appointment to speak to a Centrelink Financial Information Services officer to outline the rules that apply to your specific circumstances.


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