Centrelink not to blame for services ‘crash’

Updated 5.24pm

Centrelink payments were delayed for several hours today for hundreds of recipients, leaving many without funds for most of the morning.

However, Centrelink systems were not at fault for the disruption, as was intimated by some media outlets earlier in the day.

“All the usual Centrelink processes were followed and all payments were transferred. However, there was a small disruption in payments being made to customers via their banks,” Services Australia confirmed to YourLifeChoices.

A 7News article and Yahoo Finance article released on Wednesday morning told of Australians reporting a delay in receiving Centrelink payments.

The articles quoted Downdetector data that showed 69 per cent of users across the country were having issues with the Centrelink website and 29 per cent were having trouble with the app.

Customers of CommBank, Westpac, ANZ and St George said they were yet to receive payments into the early hours of the afternoon.

Services Australia told YourLifeChoices: “Some financial institutions have experienced difficulties processing payments this morning, and some customers may have experienced delays receiving their payments.

“Services Australia processed all payments as usual for customers this morning, and there haven’t been any issues with Centrelink systems.

“We’ve been advised payments are currently being processed and will be in accounts later today. Customers can speak to their bank if they need further assistance.”

Services Australia social media post explaining the reported system crash. Source: Services Australia

CommBank stated it is “aware of a delay in processing some Centrelink and tax payments”.

“We expect this to be completed by 11am AEST today,” it tweeted on Wednesday morning.

“We apologise to our customers affected by the delay.”

Recipients receiving funds from 11am

Many bank customers are still complaining of non-payment. However, some Centrelink recipients are now receiving their payments. A pattern suggests it may be happening bank-by-bank, with NAB customers first in line.

“Mine has been put through with NAB. Hope everyone gets their money soon,” wrote one Downdetector user.

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Did you experience any delays in your payments this morning? Why not share your opinions about this in the comments section below?

Update: Services Australia clarified that there was a glitch in the process and that reports were not ‘overblown’ as previously reported.

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