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Centrelink payments over the Easter break

Do you report to Centrelink?

Centrelink offices around Australia will be closed on Good Friday 29 March and Easter Monday 1 April.

If you report your income weekly, your reporting and payment dates may change and you’ll need to report early.

You can find any changes to your reporting and payment dates for the Easter break on your online Centrelink account.

If you have to report to get your payment

If your dates have changed due to the public holiday, you must report on your new reporting date so Centrelink can pay you.

If you are reporting early, you’ll need to include what you expect to be paid for that period. If you make a mistake, you have 14 days to correct it before your next report or you can correct it when you next report.

You can report online even when the Centrelink offices are closed for the public holidays, but you will not be paid on a public holiday.

Centrelink says you can also choose to report after your reporting period if:

  • you’re unsure of your employment income
  • there are changes to your circumstances during your reporting period.

You can report once you know your employment income or the changes to your circumstances and Centrelink will pay you after you report.

reporting graph

If you don’t have to report to get your payment

If you don’t have to report to get your payment, Centrelink may pay you early.

Centrelink won’t delay payments because of a public holiday, but it may pay you earlier than normal.

It should be as close to your normal payment date as possible. 

reporting dates

Get online

If your Centrelink online account is linked to myGov you can report your income and view your reporting dates for the next 12 weeks online.

If you don’t have a myGov account or a Centrelink online account you can create them.

You can also report using the Express Plus Centrelink mobile app or phone self service.

If you need any help accessing these online services, visit here for more information.

Do you report online? Do you find it easy? Why not share your experience in the comments section below?

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Jan Fisher
Jan Fisherhttp://www.yourlifechoices.com.au/author/JanFisher
Accomplished journalist, feature writer and sub-editor with impressive knowledge of the retirement landscape, including retirement income, issues that affect Australians planning and living in retirement, and answering YLC members' Age Pension and Centrelink questions. She has also developed a passion for travel and lifestyle writing and is fast becoming a supermarket savings 'guru'.


  1. Jan,– i know the politicians are ignoring me and probably anyone else who has taken the trouble to try and put this message out there.
    And by all accounts the media are just as un-interested.
    but there must be someone ( in the right position) that cares enough to make the much needed difference?.
    The age pension is WAY too low to be expected to ” manage” with, and the announced
    $19.60 rise is just an insult to our intelligence.
    I have just yesterday had to apply for another advance payment -which was granted -even though my previous ones re payment does not finish til may.
    BUT things are getting desperate , and having to pay $510 a fortnight in rent ,
    Then everything else has to come out of what`s `left.
    car expenses, pet expenses( two small dogs one being elderly) then medical expenses , groceries , power, gas, water, i can not afford private health insurance so have to rely on the public health “system” – which is a mess.
    i have to travelle nearly 200 kilometers( one way) to see a good G P,
    i need to replace some of my clothes , -another expense i have to somehow find the money for._(_because lets face it clothes don`t last forever)
    I don`t have super or any other money so the fortnightly pension is it.
    I`m getting a bit weary of emailing or writing to politicians etc , who are ignoring me anyway.
    I wrote to Parliament house( registered the letter) about two months ago have had no reply.
    My working life was not lucrative, –part of the reason/s i am struggling today.
    BUT how do we get that uncaring lot in parliament to care enough to improve on this?>

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