How Services Australia revalues your market-based investments

Every year on 20 March and 20 September, Services Australia revalues most market-based investments. This includes any shares, securities and managed funds. It also includes any super you have if you’ve reached Age Pension age and the super hasn’t yet moved into an income stream.

Income streams including retail and self-managed superannuation account-based pensions are revalued on a date later in the year.

The value of your assets may rise or reduce – it depends on how the market has been performing. If your pension is income or assets tested, the 20 March revaluation may lead to a change in your Age Pension rate.

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You can also ask for a revaluation of your shares and market-linked managed funds at any time. Just be aware that if you do, all your shares and managed funds will be revalued together to determine your new pension rate.

Getting ready for the COVID-19 vaccine
Medicare is playing an essential role as COVID-19 vaccines are rolled out to millions of Australians.

There are three things you can do to make sure your family is ready for the vaccine:

  • Create a myGov account and link Medicare.
  • Check that your contact details for Medicare are up to date.
  • View your immunisation history statement.

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It’s easy to link your Medicare online account to myGov:

  • Log into your myGov account.
  • Select ‘Link another service’.

All you need is your Medicare reference number, which you’ll find on your Medicare card. We’ll also ask for some other information such as your date of birth and details about your last doctor’s appointment.

When you link your Medicare online account to myGov, you’ll be able to access your immunisation history statement.

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Each COVID-19 vaccine dose will show on your statement. Once you’ve had the required number of doses, a COVID-19 immunisation status will show on your statement and can be used as proof of vaccination.

I also encourage you to download the Medicare app. This means you’ll be able to access your immunisation history statement at the touch of a fingertip.

If you can’t go online, you can ask your vaccination provider for a copy of your statement. You can also visit one of our service centres or call us on 1800 653 809 to get a copy.

For the latest COVID-19 updates and advice, go to

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