Paying bills the easy way

Sharyn has heard of a service provide by Centrelink which can help her spread the cost of large purchases, but she is unsure of the detail.

Someone I know mentioned that there is some sort of time payment whereby Centerlink takes the money from your benefits to pay for high-cost items such as a new lounge or fridge. Is there such a system?

A. I believe the service you are referring to is called Centrepay. Large bills can take the wind out of your sails when they arrive unexpectedly in the post. Finding the money to pay such bills when you’re on a budget can be a struggle. Centrelink can help factor your bills into your budget.

Centrepay is a free service which deducts an agreed, regular amount from your Centrelink benefits and pays the money directly to your selected organisation. You can start, change or cancel your deductions at any time.

Paying small amounts regularly can help make expenses such as rent, utilities, home care services and ambulance costs affordable and ensure you keep your budget under control.

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Written by Debbie McTaggart

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