Other '-isms' are banned, why do we tolerate ageism?

Host John Deeks and YourLifeChoices publisher Leon Della Bosca speak with Fiona Jewell, diversity and inclusion specialist, about ageism and prejudices in our society. Are young people upstarts? Are older people old farts? Fiona explains how older workers are often stereotyped as technologically inept and inflexible. The reality, she says, is that older workers are the fastest growing user group of new technology. Leon, John and Fiona discuss ageism, the ramifications and how we may all be responsible.


Can you imagine a world without ageism?

Ashton Applewhite joins John and Leon to talk about a world without ageism.

Can you imagine a world without ageism?

EveryAGE Counts, the national advocacy campaign against ageism (spearheaded by The Benevolent Society),

Being good at your job won’t stop ageism

Research reveals how and why managers generally mark down older job applicants.