The air vent anti-sickness trick

I picked this up from travel guru Johnny Jet and I have to share it with you. An article in Travel + Leisure goes into detail explaining how the air conditioning works in a plane. If you’re interested in all that, then I suggest you read the full article. It is quite fascinating. In the meantime, I’m going to give you what could be the single most important tip from this long-form read.

airplane air vent

That little air vent above your head could save you from becoming sick on your next flight. Yep, turning on your air vent to low or medium, and keeping it on for the duration of your flight, creates an envelope of air that will protect you from contracting any nasty bugs.

A doctor interviewed by T+L explains it much better than I can:

“Airborne viruses, like tuberculosis and measles, are transmitted by tiny droplet nuclei that can hang in the air for up to five hours. While viruses associated with the common cold and upper respiratory tract infections tend to be larger in size and heavier (consequently falling to the floor rather quickly), these particles linger. Which is where your vent comes in. By using the vent and turning it to medium or low, you can create an invisible air barrier around you that causes turbulence – simultaneously blocking these particles and forcing them to the ground faster.”

How about that? Would you have thought that air conditioning could keep you healthy?

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Written by Leon Della Bosca

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