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In a world where we’re becoming more and more concerned about the quality and sustainability of our food, it’s more important than ever to know where it comes from and how it’s produced.

Enter ButcherCrowd, the meat and seafood subscription service that’s changing the game.

ButcherCrowd is an ethical, restaurant-quality meat and wild-caught seafood delivery service offering members an alternative to supermarket meat and seafood, at a similar or cheaper price.

By avoiding the middlemen in the supermarket distribution chain, and dealing with Aussie farming and fishing families directly, ButcherCrowd cuts costs and conveniently delivers high-quality produce directly to the customer’s door – at a reduced price.

No feedlot, no sale yard, and no wholesaler or retail store. Just high-quality protein that’s fresher, more sustainable, and has a lower environmental impact. 

From just $37 a week, or $4.89 per meal, members get the best quality meat and seafood available. It works out to be as cost-effective as shopping in the supermarket. As Canstar Blue shows, $37 a week is the average price paid at supermarkets for an Australian household of two.

Shipping is free, ButcherCrowd delivers to your door on schedule, and you can cancel or skip a month anytime.

The ButcherCrowd story

The ButcherCrowd founders, brothers Damien and Rob Moffatt, grew up on the Atherton Tablelands, with a lifestyle that included eating meat from the family farm. To them, ethical farming practices and real, quality meat without additives was an everyday occurrence.

They were disappointed to find that most meat products were sourced from animals that were not free to roam, and that seafood was not sustainably sourced from the wild – as nature intended. They frequently contained harmful chemicals to support mass production for reduced cost, and were imported from overseas.

The Moffatt brothers decided to do things differently, in a way that honours animals and delivers deliciousness and a unique service to customers. And so, ButcherCrowd began.

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