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Hormone Helper: Australia’s most comprehensive menopause supplement

As women navigate the transformative journey of menopause, one revolutionary supplement stands out as the beacon of comprehensive support: Hormone Helper by Mister Jones. 

Breaking new ground in women’s health, Hormone Helper proudly claims its title as Australia’s most comprehensive menopause supplement, offering a holistic approach to tackling the myriad menopausal issues.

For a limited time and exclusive to YourLifeChoices members, all customers who buy Hormone Helper will receive a complementary Sleep Tight valued at $39.99. 

To claim your complimentary Sleep Tight, simply add both Hormone Helper and Sleep Tight to your order and use the code SLEEPRIGHT when checking out. 

Mister Jones founder Zoe Jones says Hormone Helper is not just a supplement. 

“We believe in offering more than isolated solutions. Hormone Helper is the culmination of research and a dedication to providing women with a comprehensive, transformative ally during menopause,” she says.

Setting a benchmark

While other menopause supplements address specific symptoms, Hormone Helper stands out because it tackles a multitude of challenges faced by women during menopause. Hormone Helper takes a holistic approach, dealing with stress, bone health, cardiovascular wellbeing, libido, night sweats, and hot flushes, all in one ground-breaking formula.

Mister Jones believes women deserve a comprehensive solution to navigate the challenges they face on their menopause journey. Hormone Helper is designed to be that solution, setting a new benchmark that goes beyond the ordinary to empower women.

Hormone Helper is proudly vegan friendly and gluten free to ensure women with various dietary requirements can confidently embrace the benefits of Hormone Helper without compromise.

A holistic approach with a potent blend

Hormone Helper embraces a holistic approach by applying traditional Indian Ayurvedic, Western, and Chinese herbal medicines alongside nutritional medicines. This unique fusion contains ingredients meticulously selected to cover the full spectrum of menopausal concerns, offering the most comprehensive solution on the market.

Addressing menopausal challenges

One of the most uncomfortable and unpleasant experiences of menopause that prevents women from going about their day-to-day lives and getting the sleep they need are hot flushes and night sweats. Sage is a well-regarded herb for alleviating hot flushes, allowing women to sleep more comfortably and wake up rejuvenated.

Stress management

Hormone Helper contains the herbs withania and schisandra and vitamin B6, which possess stress-relieving properties. This is a crucial aspect of the formula, as menopause often brings emotional challenges. Hormone Helper provides a natural way for women to manage stress and maintain emotional balance. 

Bone and heart health

Risks of fractures and cardiovascular events increase with menopause, so maintaining bone and cardiovascular health is crucial. Hormone Helper’s unique formula incorporates calcium, vitamin D3, and vitamin K2 to support these aspects. Vitamin D3 promotes the absorption of calcium to maintain bone health, but is best combined with vitamin K2 as they work together to reduce fracture risk.

Additionally, the dual-action approach of ensuring optimal calcium absorption for bones and preventing a calcium build-up in blood vessels to reduce the risk of heart disease ensures women can embrace menopause with confidence.

Libido boost

Shatavari, a key ingredient in Hormone Helper, has been used as an aphrodisiac in Ayurvedic medicine for thousands of years. Recent clinical data now supports its traditional use, demonstrating that in addition to relieving stress and regulating hormones, Shatavari can also increase blood flow to the genitals, which can enhance arousal and sensitivity. 

Shatavari contains phytoestrogens, plant compounds that can mimic the action of oestrogen in the body. These phytoestrogenic components have the potential to alleviate vaginal dryness, reduce the intensity of hot flushes, and promote a more regular menstrual cycle. Mister Jones recognises the importance of addressing libido in menopause, a crucial aspect often overlooked in other menopause supplements.

To experience Hormone Helper for yourself, click here for the exclusive YourLifeChoices offer. All members who purchase Hormone Helper will receive a complementary Sleep Tight valued at $39.99. 

Simply add both Hormone Helper and Sleep Tight to your order and use the code SLEEPRIGHT when checking out. 

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