Straighter teeth from home for less with Byte

Byte is making it easier for everyone to get the smile of their dreams – and gain the confidence they deserve.

How it works

There are no office visits, ever, with Byte.

After a quick online assessment, Byte will send you an at-home impression kit for just $39.95. With easy instructions, completing the kit will take just a few minutes. Find out here.

Return the completed kit with Byte’s free return shipping and Byte will send back a 3D model and aligner plan. Your treatment plan is reviewed by a registered Australian dentist.

You can choose day or night aligners, and Byte sends everything to your door. Byte is faster and less painful than other options.

Your entire journey is monitored via the MyByte app and supported by the patented HyperByte.

HyperByte is a high-frequency device designed to support your treatment by helping to set your aligners closer to your teeth. The gentle vibrations are often described as a personal gum massager.

Smile with confidence with Byte, and discover your next best smile here.

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