Cats wow TV audience

Cats may make us laugh out loud, but Channel Seven is laughing loudest.

The network was ridiculed after it announced it would dump its failing cooking show Restaurant Revolution in favour of a program packed with online -curated cat videos. However, Cats Make You Laugh Out Loud was the most viewed show on Tuesday night, making the many opposition network execs eat their birds – ahem – I mean words…

In fact, over one and a half million Australians tuned in to the tuna-eating feline stars of Cats, beating Channel Nine’s popular food show The Hotplate.

Pulling it’s own cooking show off the air in favour of a program consisting only of funny feline videos was the source of much heckling around the networks last week. Seven had previously put its cooking show in the 7.30pm timeslot against Nine’s own cooking show. And although Channel Seven had spent millions on its much-hyped Restaurant Revolution, it was losing that ratings war by quite a large margin.

Enter Cats Make You Laugh Out Loud – the show that cost not nearly as much as Restaurant Revolution but proved to be more than twice as successful.

Cats pulled 917,000 viewers in capital cities, whilst 839,000 people tuned into The Hotplate. Adding in Cat’s regional viewers, the show pulled a ratings total of 1.56 million viewers.

And dog lovers won’t be left in the cold either, as the Seven network plans to air Dogs Make You Laugh Out Loud next Tuesday at 7.30pm.

If dog and cat videos are as popular on national television as they are online, Channel Seven may enjoy a ratings windfall. Makes one wonder what will come next?

How does this make you feel about the future of television content? Did you watch Cats Make You Laugh Out Loud? Will you tune in to Dogs Make You Laugh Out Loud? What are your thoughts on this type of programming? Is it lazy? Or is it genius?

Here’s a short teaser in case you missed it.

Written by Leon Della Bosca

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