Johnny Depp says Trump is “a brat”

Is there any role Johnny Depp can’t play? The eminent actor, whose previous credits include notorious drug trader George Jung and gangster John Dillinger, now lends his talents to the most challenging role of his career – presidential candidate Donald Trump. 

Depp gave a stellar impression of the controversial businessman, television personality and politician, in a 50-minute Funny or Die faux-biopic called The Art of the Deal: The Movie.

You can watch the trailer here.

Depp, 52, whose scenes were filmed over four days in December during a brief window in his schedule, made an appearance at Arizona State University this week to speak candidly about his performance and condemn the real estate mogul-turned-GOP presidential frontrunner.

“It’s not just about being a rich kid or anything like that,” he said. “There’s a pretence. There’s something created about him in the sense of bullydom. But what he is, I believe, is a brat.”

He then went on to give the audience a mocking portrayal of Trump, impersonating him and pretending to spread xenophobic, scandalous opinions that, when you hear them, sound like comments that should only be made in satire.

On any social media platform, you only have to scroll through your newsfeed to find a tonne of content about Donald Trump – from news items and op-eds on which offensive words have just come out of his mouth, to videos and memes poking fun at the man’s toupee.

I think it’s great to see someone of Johnny Depp’s status boldly and plainly express his opinion about a man who he believes is unfit for the role of president – especially one who already holds more than his fair share of powerful economic and political influence. I can’t think of a time when I’ve heard Depp become so impassioned over a political issue as to want to portray it in film. I think it’s a potent statement for him to make.

Some might find Depp’s impersonation of Trump over-the-top or offensive, but I say it’s great that it can be spread virally over the internet, so that people all over the world can see it and respond – whether they agree or disagree.

Yet again, the internet proves its power – and we all get to enjoy the spoils.

What do you think of Depp’s performance?

Written by Amelia Theodorakis

A writer and communications specialist with eight years’ in startups, SMEs, not-for-profits and corporates. Interests and expertise in gender studies, history, finance, banking, human interest, literature and poetry.

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