Friday Funnies gets a kick out of COVID vaccination ads

Who remembers Australia’s lame campaign to encourage more people to get vaccinated? A woman gasping for air from her hospital bed. Did that get people queueing for a vaccine? Not on your nelly. So who’s done it better?

We loved these offerings from New Zealand, Singapore, the US and Heineken. They were fun, positive, uplifting and they got the message across. We’ve rated them from No.4 to No.1.

No. 4: Sir Elton John and Sir Michael Caine

No. 3: NZ

No. 2: Singapore

No. 1: Heineken

What do you think of these ads? Which is your favourite or do you have another offering? Why not share your feedback in the comments section below?

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Written by Janelle Ward

Energetic and skilled editor and writer with expert knowledge of retirement, retirement income, superannuation and retirement planning.

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