Lost in Space rebooted

That’s right, Netflix has remade the much loved 60’s TV series, with the same characters but all new faces.

So far, we can see a few changes have been made. Dr Smith is now mysterious, intense woman who’s great under pressure and won’t be making many jokes. The Robot has had a major upgrade – no more slinky arms and foil, it’s now massive, humanoid and has its own complicated personality and back story.

If you’re a Lost in Space fan then it might be time to settle down on the couch this winter and see if they’ve done it justice. Will you be watching? And if so, let us know what you thought!

Here’s a look at Lost in Space, then and now.

June Lockhart, originally played by Maureen Robinson  


… is now played by Molly Parker


Mark Goddard, originally played Don West

… is now played by Ignacio Serricchio

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John Robinson, originally played by Guy Williams

… is now played by Toby Stephens


Judy Robinson, originally played by Marta Kirsten

… is now played by Taylor Russell

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Will Robinson, originally played by Bill Mumy

… is now played by Maxwell Jenkins


Penny Robinson, originally played by Angela Cartwright


… is now played by Mina Sundwall


Dr Zachary Smith, originally played by Jonathan Harris 

… is now played by Parker Posey

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The Robot! Originally played by, Robot.

…is now played by, other, fancier Robot

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