How they made these hoax videos

Did these three viral videos fool you? Find out how they were made and how they fooled everyone into thinking they were real.


Golden Eagle Snatches Kid – 45 million views

This video was, unsurprisingly, a big hit as soon as it was uploaded to YouTube. Some time after this, Montreal’s National Animation and Design Centre issued a statement explaining that the video was created by 3D Animation and Digital Design students. They fooled the world by 3D-animating both the eagle and the baby and then inserting them into the video that they filmed; finally, cutting to a real baby for the final shot. Did it fool you?


Worst Twerk Fail EVER – Girl Catches Fire! – 19 million views

This ‘hot’ video was a hit on YouTube but turned out to be a skit from late-night TV show Jimmy Kimmel Live! The woman featured in the video is actually Daphne Avalon, a professional stunt performer. She is wearing special fire protection clothing that is lit just after she collides with the table. Jimmy Kimmel even pops in to extinguish the flames in the full version.


GoPro: Man Fights Off Great White Shark In Sydney Harbour – 36 million views

This homegrown Aussie hoax was produced by The Woolshed Company, an Australian visual effects company. The video was made for publicity and, with 36 million views, it was certainly a success.

The video is a combination of real footage (the man jumping into the water and swimming around is all real) and nature footage of sharks. The shark was digitally inserted into the footage, which, combined with the man’s mimed actions in the video, made for a very convincing clip.

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