How to ‘un-send’ an email

So you’ve accidentally sent an email, so what can do you do now? Unfortunately, not much. However, this video tutorial can show you how to avoid making this mistake in the future. 

Find out how to un-send an email and avoid a digital disaster with this quick and easy video tutorial. 

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How to un-send an email

Open up your Gmail inbox and click on the cog icon at the top right and then click ‘Settings’.

Now look under the ‘General’ tab and you will find an option to ‘Enable Undo Send’.

This activates a 5, 10, 20 or 30 second period between when you hit send and when your email is actually sent, allowing you to make a mad dash for the ‘Undo’ button, should you send something accidentally. Scroll down to the bottom of your ‘Settings’ page and click ‘Save Changes’ to activate this feature. 

The ‘Undo’ button will appear at the top of Gmail on a yellow banner, after you send an email.

However, it might be a good idea to test this out now, rather than waiting for an emergency.

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