Why it’s totally okay to go to bed before midnight on New Year’s Eve

New Year’s Eve seems to be the one night when our expectations run exceedingly high. It feels like it has to be a big deal. We have to wear fancy clothes and have a lot of fun – or so the world and most people you know will tell you. But it really doesn’t have to be.

In fact, it’s your last day of 2020 to do whatever you choose with, and if keeping your eyes open until midnight just to watch the fireworks – if there are any in your area this pandemic year – from an awkward angle isn’t your idea of a great time, we don’t blame you.

So, this year, don’t let guilt and FOMO get the better of you – enjoy your early night, and start 2021 your way.

Here’s why it’s totally okay to be in bed before midnight this New Year’s Eve.

Everyone else is out
The thing with NYE is that it’s a night when usually everyone and their mother goes out. Those people who don’t go out all year long are always out on New Year’s Eve – they’re those same people who only go out to fancy restaurants when it’s Valentine’s Day. If you don’t like crowds and overpriced venues, you can celebrate a different way.

You won’t be hung over the next day
You want to get the New Year off to a fresh start – not a hung over one. How are you meant to focus on your New Year’s resolutions when you’re blurry from all the wine consumed?

You want to spend the money elsewhere
New Year’s Eve can be expensive. Maybe a new outfit, a taxi, dinner and drinks all add up. Think about where you can spend your money instead, like having a pamper day at the spa.

What’s wrong with just having dinner with friends?
Good food, your favourite people, a reasonable amount of Baileys and bed by 11pm – it’s the way forward people. Stay home!

Some people have kids and will be up all night anyway
If you’ve procreated, you will be well aware that choosing to stay up beyond 10.30pm is a crime against your own wellbeing. A small person will have you up and about during the early morning hours anyway.

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Sleep is arguably better than fireworks
Sure, they’re bright and colourful and make you feel strangely small and giddy – but nothing can produce ‘oooohs’ and ‘ahhhhhs’ like slipping into bed, especially with freshly washed sheets.

There’s too much pressure on one single night
Sometimes, organised fun just does not work.

You might be exhausted from other parties you’ve been to
December is long – it’s okay to be partied out and to have run out of eco glitter by the 31st.

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Your bank account is probably not in the best shape
December costs may have spiralled and you’re surviving on leftover Quality Street – no, you cannot throw another $100 you don’t have on a murder mystery NYE night. And you shouldn’t feel bad about it either.

Because you don’t want to leave your pet alone
Fireworks can be scary for many pets, so wanting to keep them company makes total sense.

What are your plans for New Year’s Eve? Are you someone who likes to go out to celebrate or stay in?

– With PA

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