Should you really refinance?

Folders sit on the desk for refinancing

Should you really refinance?

Is refinancing your debt always the best way to get your finances in order?

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  1. Pension advance payments
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How to be richer this time next year

Person holding multiple 100 dollar notes

How to be richer this time next year

These seven tips should see you be richer in a year's time.

Limits for selling on eBay

Smartphone with eBay app against computer keyboard

Limits for selling on eBay

When selling items on eBay or similar, does Centrelink monitor this income?

Seven common retirement mistakes

Seven common retirement mistakes

Seven common retirement mistakes

When it comes to retirement, knowing what not to do is just as important as ...

Making an aged care complaint

Mature man on the phone making an aged care complaint

Making an aged care complaint

What do you do if something is amiss with your aged care services?

How to get free return shipping

Stacked shipping boxes on computer keyboard

How to get free return shipping

The cost of return shipping stops lots of people from shopping online.

Do will bequeaths count as gifting?

Older woman and man with calculator

Do will bequeaths count as gifting?

Does Centrelink gifting apply to will bequeaths?


Costly changes to super death benefits

Changes to the tax allowance on super death benefits could prove costly.

Hidden super change

Required SMSF balances underestimated

SMSF ownership unlikely to be beneficial to those with lower asset levels.

Does your SMSF need a rethink?

The 2017 early super return report

Want to know how well super has performed so far this year?

Is your super strong?

Banking & Investment

Older Aussies like to bank online

A growing number of older Australians are happy to make the move to online banking.

Tech savvy

Is your ‘laziness’ costing you?

Paying unnecessary bank fees is costing Australians $1 billion a year.

Are you being stung?

Big bank’s $200 baby bonus bribe

Westpac is offering parents a savings account with $200 for every child born in 2017.

A cheap trick?

Credit Cards

Banish Christmas credit card woes

Here are five simple ways to banish credit card woes over the festive season.

No New Year hangover

Christmas credit card safety

It’s easy to miss fraudulent transactions on your accounts over the busy festive period.

Don't get caught out

Clear credit card debt by Christmas

You can clear credit card debt by Christmas. Here’s how …

Be free of debt


The pros and cons of downsizing

Should you downsize? Listing the pros and cons may help you to decide.

Is it right for you?

Is property a good investment?

Considering buying an investment property? Is this still the best way to make money?

Safe as houses?

Fairness and the family home

Simon Cowan explains why the family home should be assessed.

A fair suggestion?


Is your claim at risk?

Are you risking your insurance claim being rejected?

Double check

Happy with your health insurer?

Many Australians are planning to cancel their private health insurance policies.

Time for a change?

Ensure your car is road-trip ready

A little preparation will help your road trip go off without a hitch.

Be prepared

Legal & General

Parents won’t have an EPOA

What can Jane do about her parents’ refusal to have the correct legal paperwork?

What can Jane do?

Should she be a beneficiary?

Paul wants to know if his second wife should be the beneficiary.

Tricky estate issues

Is it time to review your will?

Jack made his will several years ago and thinks it may be in need of an update.

Time for a review

Mortgage & Home Loans

The pros and cons of downsizing

Should you downsize? Listing the pros and cons may help you to decide.

Is it right for you?

Pros and cons of equity release

A number of Australians are considering equity release products, to manage finances.

Is it for you?

How to change your home loan

Are household expenses in retirement starting to get you down?

Find out more

Seniors Finance

Difficulties paying energy bills

What can you do if you’re experiencing utility bill payment difficulties?

Bill woes

Avoiding debt disaster

Did you know that Australians owe over $50 billion on their credit cards?

Ditch the bad debt

Why is this surcharge applied?

What extra charges are applied to PBS medicines?

Extra charges

Finance News

Human Services email scam

How can Catherine tell if a Human Services email is a scam?

Don't get caught out

New year money matters

Get your financial affairs in order and start the year on the right foot.

All in order

Woolies revamps Rewards program

Woolworths’ loyalty program revamp is shaping up to be a winner.

Rewarding loyalty


Consumer leases in the gun

Consumers Federation calls for crackdown on predatory loan practices.

Time for a change

Should you really refinance?

Is refinancing your debt always the best way to get your finances in order?

Don't get caught out

A simple way to save $800 a year

A simple trick that could save you hundreds.

Simple savings tip

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