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Superannuation is an important part of your retirement planning. Did you know there is hundreds of millions of lost super money just waiting to be claimed? Use the link to the lost super site to see if you have unclaimed funds.

We can also help you save your money and manage your finances better both before and after retirement and during the transition to retirement.




Seven smart ways to save money

Seven smart ways to save money

Seven smart ways to save money

A quick video that explains seven smart yet simple tips for saving money.

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Pension advance payments

Pension advance payments

Pension advance payments

A pension advance payment could help Tracy deal with a couple of unexpected bills.

Australian pensioners living in poverty

Pensioner living in poverty with only bread to eat

Australian pensioners living in poverty

Australian pensioners don’t have enough money to live on.

How to be richer this time next year

Person holding multiple 100 dollar notes

How to be richer this time next year

These seven tips should see you be richer in a years’ time.

Difficulties paying utility bills

Stressed couple having evaluating their utility bills

Difficulties paying utility bills

What can you do if you’re experiencing utility bill payment difficulties?

Discussing money matters

Discussing money matters

Discussing money matters

These tips will help you to broach the difficult topic of money.

Age Pension no guarantee

Age Pension no guarantee

Age Pension no guarantee

Scott Morrison has outlined the government’s vision for a new retirement income system.



LNP Senator scorns party over super

LNP Senator Eric Abetz has lashed out at his party for its handling of super.

Super scorned

Retrospective change hurts retirees

Finally, someone at the big end of town sees sense.

Retirement income rethink

The future of super in doubt – again

The future of super again in doubt due to close Election 2016 result

The super swing

Banking & Investment

How investment savvy are you?

Are you keen to learn more about your investment strategy?

Is your strategy right?

How to spot an investment scam

How to spot the signs of an investment scam.

Understanding scams

What negative gearing really means

Negative gearing is worth a lot of money to a lot of Australian investors

Who will lose out?

Credit Cards

$4.3 billion wasted on interest fees

Why do Australians waste $4.3 billion each year on interest repayments?

Time to switch?

Are you wasting money on interest?

$3.5 billion was wasted on high-interest rate credit cards last year.

Control your interest

Will new rules cost us more?

New guidelines on credit card surcharges will be announced this week.

Will you pay more?


Fairness and the family home

Simon Cowan explains why the family home should be assessed.

A fair suggestion?

Asset-rich but living in poverty

Around 1.2 million asset-rich older Australians are living in poverty.

Riches and rags

Stamp duty concessions

If you’re planning to downsize, will you get a stamp duty concession on your new home?

How much can I save?


Insurer denies cover to save baby

An Aussie family has been told by their insurer that surgery to save their daughter is ‘elective’.

Is this fair?

You could avoid paying extra tax

Private health insurance cover can reduce your tax burden.

Save on tax

Affordable health insurance

If you're looking for health cover which is not only affordable but tailored to the over 50s, then you may find Apia health insurance rewarding.

Save your money and your health

Legal & General

The right time to write a will

Writing a will never features highly on to-do lists but this could be a mistake.

Make your legacy safe

Do your debts die with you?

What happens to debts when you die? Is your family responsible for paying them off?

Who pays your debts?

Dementia and managing money matters

Managing money and finances for someone with dementia is fraught with legal issues.

Plan ahead

Mortgage & Home Loans

Is a reverse mortgage for you?

Reverse mortgages may become more popular as a means to fund retirement.

Will it work for you?

Refinance your mortgage

Interested in finding out how your current mortgage stacks up against those on the market?

Mortgage comparison

Reduce your mortgage by 10 years

It’s easier than you think to knock years off your home loan.

Shave and save

Seniors Finance

How liquid should you be?

What is the ideal cash and assets mix? Money expert Chris Malloy has the answer.

What’s the right mix?

10 tips towards financial health

The start of the financial year is a great time to hit reset on your money goals.

Financial health check

Tips for safe online shopping

Shopping online? Know your rights and the risks.

Save and stay safe

Finance News

Best deals for new wheels

June is considered one of the best times to buy a new set of wheels.

Save on new cars

Are low interest deals the best?

There are some great car finance deals around but the devil is in the detail.

Get the deal that’s right for you

Should you have to pay to pay?

Is it right to charge people to receive paper copies of bills?

Unfair charges


Using points to buy fuel

Does the new Velocity rewards program offer provide value for money?

A good deal?

How to lodge your tax online

Do you pay for an accountant to do your taxes? Why not try myTax – it’s free and easy to use.

Why not DIY?

What are your rights to a refund?

Find out whether you’re entitled to a refund, repair or replacement.

Shop with confidence

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