Australia’s luckiest lottery postcodes

where are the luckiest postcodes

Over the past year, everyday Australians have won some eye-watering, life-changing lottery jackpots.

Last year’s record-breaking $160 million Powerball draw and the subsequent $100 million individual winner have captivated the nation, fuelling the dreams of millions hoping to strike it rich.

Tonight’s Powerball prize has jackpotted to $100 million and one in six adults are expected to have a ticket.

Lottery offices across Australia will be busy selling – but is there any way of predicting where the winning ticket will be sold?

Well, not really. But we can tell you which postcodes have had the most winners – and maybe some of their luck will rub off on you.


Several postcodes in Victoria have earned a reputation for remarkable lottery luck. Six postcodes stand out as each sold three division one winning entries last year.

Springvale South and Dingley Village, postcode 3172, lead the pack, followed by Endeavour Hills (3802). Doreen and Mernda (3754) were next, followed by Wyndham (3024), Lalor (3075), and Melbourne (3000).

These regions prove that fortune can strike more than once in the same place!


Berala/Lidcombe (2141) and Dapto (2530) are the luckiest postcodes in NSW/ACT, with each selling three division one winning entries.

Residents in these areas have experienced life-changing wins, demonstrating that luck knows no bounds when it comes to lottery draws.


In Queensland, two postcodes have stood out as veritable hotspots for lottery success.

Nerang and Pacific Pines (4211) along with Morayfield (4506) in the Moreton Bay region have each sold an astonishing four division one winning entries.

South Australia

In SA, Gawler (5118) and the Adelaide suburb of Oaklands Park (5045) are the luckiest locales, each selling two division one winning entries last year.


Down south, the Hobart suburbs of Howrah and Rosny Park (7018) as well as the town of Sorell, have each sold two division one winning entries in the past 12 months.

Northern Territory

The only division one winning Powerball ticket sold in the NT last year was sold at Yarrawonga (0830).

That memorable win set a record for winnings in the region.

Western Australia

In the west, the luckiest postcode is undoubtedly Kalgoorlie (6430), which had five division one winners last year.

It’s not clear why the regional city ranks so highly in winnings, but the higher mining wages in the area would likely lead to more tickets being sold.

As tonight’s $100 million Powerball draw approaches, millions of Australians eagerly anticipate the chance to join the ranks of those lucky winners.

While some postcodes have emerged as undeniably lucky hotspots, the beauty of the lottery lies in its unpredictability, proving that dreams can become a reality for anyone, anywhere.

Do you live in any of those postcodes? Do you have a ticket in tonight’s draw? Let us know in the comments section.

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