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YourLifeChoices Banking & Investment page is aimed at giving you the correct information on the Federal Governments Assets Test and the latest information on Managed Funds so you can make the right decisions!

New to investing? Key questions to consider

Low returns on cash savings may have you considering investing for the first time.

Complaints about four major banks have fallen: AFCA

AFCA reveals the postcodes with the most financial complaints.

Banks breaking the rules surrounding direct debits

Report shows that 29 per cent of banks are failing to cancel direct debits in time.

ATO issues advice to surging numbers investing in shares, ETFs

The Australian Taxation Office wants first-time investors to be aware of their obligations.

NAB slapped with $18.5m fine for misleading customers on fees

The Federal Court has ordered NAB to pay an $18.5m penalty for misleading fee disclosures.

Pensioner's plight highlights need for better bank behaviour

Consumer groups have outlined 100 ways for banks to improve their behaviour.

Basic and advanced ETF investing strategies

Whatever your investment goals, there's a strategy to help you hit your target.

ATO reveals common tax traps that could lead to an audit

Australian Taxation Office warns taxpayers not to bet against the house this tax time.

Why ETFs are the ideal retirement investment option

Investing for a healthy financial future is important for all investors, young or old.

What is an ETF and why should they be part of your retirement plan?

Exchange traded funds could be your ticket to a bigger nest egg.

Rate of bank closures surprises even those supposedly in the know

Seniors advocate labels closures a 'form of institutionalised elder abuse'.

ATO advises not to lodge your tax return before this date

Tax office warns that lodging a return too early could cost you.

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