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Pandemic heightens need for trusted financial advice

New asset classes such as cryptocurrency are poorly understood, says senator.

The funds that cleaned up and those that failed

Report identifies the winners and losers over the past year and the most popular funds.

Experts predict interest rates to stay on hold for the next 12 months

Retirees relying on interest income are set for another year of pain.

Biggest rip-offs in retirement and how to avoid them

The most common rip-offs that could derail your retirement.

ETFs: What are they, why consider them and how to start investing now

ETFs are basically everything you want from an investment option.

New share trading platform lets Australians invest from as little as one cent

Everyone deserves an equal opportunity to build wealth.

Are banks going to get a green light to act irresponsibly?

There's a bill before the Senate that would make it easier for banks to lend irresponsibly.

Why first-time traders are a threat to your retirement savings

Young first-time traders could wreak havoc with your nest egg.

Customers shut out as bank branches close

Big Four branch closures gather pace as cheques set to bite the dust.

The Reserve Bank might yet take interest rates negative

Few expected the RBA to adjust its cash rate on Tuesday, and for good reason.

Why raising interest rates would be a huge mistake

The Reserve Bank of Australia is under pressure to raise interest rates.

Banking recommendations fall victim to credit-fuelled COVID recovery

Fewer than half of the banking inquiry recommendations have been implemented.

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