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‘Harmful law’: Coalition slammed for major financial overhaul

More than 100 groups have attacked the government's plan to axe safe lending laws.

What is a granny flat interest and how can it help you?

A granny flat interest is an agreement for accommodation for life.

Around 368,000 eligible to join class action against big four bank

Federal Court to notify those eligible to join consumer credit class action.

Would-be retirees might have to work longer because of the pandemic

Experts preach patience, frugality to older workers hit hard by the pandemic recession.

Silver lining to low interest rates – if you ask the question

Analyst tells how homeowners can save more than $20,000 in five years.

Debt vulture firms preying on Australians hit by the pandemic

Consumer advocates, the government and a bank call out predatory debt management firms.

How to … downsize your life

Small changes, big results.

Reserve Bank interest rate cut could see you get less money back on your savings

It might not be the worst problem to have during a recession, but for Australians with decent savings

The problem with honeymoon rates – and beware this new scam

Noel Whittaker tells whether Joan should continue to hunt better bank interest rates.

Why do bankers behave so badly?

They make too much money to ask questions, says Associate Professor Mark Crosby.

Financial advice sector in dire state, says Rice Warner report

Transition from sales culture to a customer service proving traumatic: Rice Warner.

Two strategies to avoid zero-interest rate pain

The big tip for Melbourne Cup day is a big fat RBA rate cut, say experts.

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