Best cars under $30,000

With such huge competition among carmakers, you’ll be amazed at how much car $30,000 gets you in 2017. Here are some of the best buys for the budget conscious shopper.

Kia Sportage
While Japanese marques have a deserved reputation for reliability, the Koreans have been steadily closing the gap. The latest edition of the Sportage has a base price of $28,990, and is powered by a relatively frugal 2.0-litre four-cylinder petrol engine that puts out 114kW. With an upmarket cabin and rear-view camera, the Sportage comes with a seven–year unlimited kilometre warranty that sets it apart from its rivals.

Mazda CV-5
Priced from $28,690 for the six-speed manual, the 2017 update to the best-selling SUV in Australia builds on its success, by offering an improved cabin with a more Euro feel. The base model gets a rear-view camera, rear sensors and autonomous emergency braking, which is capable of detecting pedestrians as well as vehicles at certain speeds. Providing a sporty edge that makes it the most engaging car to drive in this field, the CV-5 is an excellent choice for those worried that SUVs are boring.

Skoda Octavia Wagon
If an SUV isn’t quite your style, the 2017 Skoda Octavia offers an attractive alternative for those who still need lots of space. The boot is huge – 588L with the seats up, 1718L folded down – and the car comes with an impressive list of standard equipment. The 1.4-litre engine is fantastic on fuel but manages to propel the Octavia to 100km/h in just 8.3 seconds. Starting at $24,490 drive away for the base manual variants, the plucky Skoda is perfect for those who want a European car without forking out big bucks.

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