Where to buy the best hot cross buns

The traditional wave of outrage about the early appearance (Boxing Day) of hot cross buns is well and truly over, so let’s get down to the true controversy – which bun is the best?

Well, thankfully for you – and respect for my diet – CHOICE has taken all the leg work out of assessing the supermarket buns.

Coming out on top in the best traditional fruit hot cross bun is Woolworths’ own brand offering, followed by Coles and then Woolworths again in third place with its Luxurious Richly Fruited Buns. I feel lavish just thinking about the last one.

Stone motherless last is Woolworths’ Free From Gluten Buns, which also topped the price-per-bun list. Coeliacs can’t cop a break.

If you are going gluten-free, sadly they all came out poorly, but the best of the bunch was the Coles I’m Free From Gluten Wheat and Dairy Chocolate Hot Cross Bun. At least you get chocolate.

While we’re on the topic, the best chocolate variety was Aldi’s Bakers Life, second was Community Co – available at select IGAs – and third was Coles.

My favourite is still the Vietnamese shop in the next suburb over. It has no compunction about selling them all year round. It used to put a circle on them instead of a cross when they were ‘out of season’, but they have even given up on that lately.

They are delicious, but I do not want to think too closely about what they put in them that makes them stay fresh for days.

This week’s best deals


Sensible: White Crow 2L Tomato Sauce, half price, $3.75. Caterers rejoice, this megapack is half-price again this week. Perfect for those who run sausage sizzles on a regular basis and a guilty pleasure for those who just really, really like sauce. Most of us, if we’re honest.

Indulgence: John Frieda Shampoo or Conditioner, half price $10.50. A great price on a good product. I have put so many people onto the brunette variety I deserve some sort of payment plan.

See the catalogue here.


Sensible: Edgell canned beans varieties, $1.50, save 40c. Good to have in the back of your pantry; you might even have used up the last of your stash post pandemic lockdowns. Pro tip: Do not look at the liquid that comes out of the black bean cans when you drain them, that slick grey fluid may put you off for life.

Indulgence: Fairy Platinum Plus Dishwashing Tablets, 42 pack, half price $22.50. Fairy is primarily a UK brand that has been trying to break into the Australian market for a while with little success, however, with this sort of saving I might give it a shot.

See the catalogue here.


Sensible: Supercoat Smart Blend Dry Dog Food, selected varieties, $13, save $5.15. We’re all banging on about the cost of living, but it covers pet care as well. Save a bundle for Fido with this offer.

Indulgence: Birds Eye oven-baked fish fillets, selected varieties, $5.25, save $6.30. Amazing special. IGA is pushing this ‘for lent’. Hilarious that a processed frozen fish fillet is somehow mirroring the suffering of God, but here we are. What would Jesus do?

See the catalogue here.


Sensible: Ironbark Pork Mince, 500g, $3.99. Everyone keeps focusing on how expensive beef and lamb are but there’s pork, just trundling along at an affordable level, not getting the attention it deserves. Try this delicious pork and vegie bowl if you’re not convinced.

Indulgence: The Cake Stall Date and Walnut Loaf, $3.49, save $1. There’s just not enough date loaf in the world. It’s something only your nanna made, and it needs to make a comeback. Why not start here?

See the catalogue here.

Have you spied any other great specials? Why not share them with members in the comments section below.

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