Brand owner is tinkering with iconic Aussie label

Vegemite toast

Is nothing sacred? The owners of Vegemite are tinkering with the labels, and customers just aren’t having it.

Bega Cheese has altered the label to feature the names of recipes that can include Vegemite, such as pho, spaghetti Bolognese, nachos, stir-fry and pizza. They had me until the pizza bit.

The limited range of ‘Mighty Meals’ showcases how Vegemite can enhance recipe favourites via a QR code on the jar that takes the consumer to the corresponding recipe.   

“While enjoying Vegemite on toast remains a fan favourite, cooking with Vegemite is on the rise,” says Bega Foods marketing manager Jess Hoare.

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However, it may be confusing some consumers. It’s been reported anecdotally that all the regular labelled jars are quickly sold and the alternative jars are staying on the shelves.

Go here if you want to check out how to use Vegemite in recipes, but it will stay forever on just our toast in this household.

Not our potatoes too

Growers are predicting a potato shortage in Australia due to the floods and supply chain issues.

This week PepsiCo Australia, which sells popular brands such as Smith’s crisps and Red Rock Deli, said stock levels could be affected well into next year.

“High levels of rainfall have impacted some potato crops, and while we are managing potato supply, we have been working closely with our retail partners to ensure our brands continue to be widely available,” said a spokesperson for PepsiCo.

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“Consumers can still have confidence that their favourite chips will be available at their local retailers in the coming months.”

The shortages are also affecting hot chip supplies and fish and chip shop owners have warned they may need to change products. 

Shaun Lindhe, communications manager for leading industry body AusVeg, told The Guardian the constant rain had made the ground too wet for harvesting.

“If the ground is too wet to get machinery on, it can delay things like planting and harvesting. That’s then leading to a tight supply market for processed potatoes,” he said.

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Sensible: Potatoes, washed white, 2kg, $5. You can’t get much more sensible than a potato. Boil them, bake them, fry them or put them in a salad. Potatoes really should have their own food group and, as per the above, might soon become a luxury item, so get them while they are cheap.

Indulgence: Golden Crumpets, six pack, half price at $2. Not really an indulgence, but with the end of winter these will start becoming hard to find. And there’s certainly some indulgence in eating them the right way with so much topping it drips through the holes in the bottom. Diet be damned.

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Sensible: Deli Original Fresh Topped Hommus, $2.49. The correct spelling is hummus, so I’m not sure if this is one of Aldi’s ‘tribute’ labels or someone just didn’t check first. Anyway, hummus is good for you and tastes delish. Take it to the next level with this ‘loaded’ hummus with pine nut or dukkah topping. Adds a lovely bit of crunch.

Indulgence: The Fishmonger Salmon Gravlax, $8.99. Sure, you can have your smoked salmon, but have you tried gravlax? It’s fresh salmon that has been cured with salt and sugar, which sounds so easy you should probably do it yourself, but let’s be honest, you probably won’t. Take the Aldi way out and just buy it instead.

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Sensible: 10 per cent off $100 and $250 gift cards. They make great gifts and are also handy on the approach to Christmas spending. 

Indulgence: Elevate dog food, 3kg, and cat food, 800g, half price at $7. Pets are expensive. Save some money with these half-price specials. Also, one of the cat food varieties is called Hairball Chicken, which I presume helps stops hairballs, but I’m also enjoying the mental image of a chicken covered in lush fluffy hair.

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Sensible: Zyrtec 10-pack mini tablets, $9.80, save $4.20. Spring is great for some, but for others it’s a time of constantly streaming eyes, itchiness and irritability, but enough about me. Having a pack of these in a drawer is a lifesaver. 

Indulgence: Piper Heidsieck NV Brut 750ml, $52 each. The festive season is fast approaching so time to stock up on good value champagne. The excellent thing about champagne is that even if you are not a fan, it always makes a welcome gift and you have to go to almost zero effort to procure it. 

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Do you use Vegemite in cooking? Why not share your favourite way to eat Vegemite in the comments section below?

Written by Jan Fisher

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