Comparing pet insurance

With one in three pets requiring emergency treatment each year, pet insurance is now big business, but which policy should you choose?

Q. Craig
Are you able to supply details of recommended pet insurance for seniors/pensioners?

A. As we’re a nation of pet lovers, it’s hardly surprising that there are so many options when it comes to purchasing pet insurance. To get the best deal, you may wish to approach your current home, private health or car insurer and ask if it provides pet insurance at a discounted rate for current customers.

It’s  worth noting:

  • The older your pet, the more you’ll pay and you may not be able to get any insurance if your pet is over nine years old
  • Pre-exisiting conditions are not covered and if your dog comes from a rescue centre, you may have difficulty proving any conditions are not pre-existing
  • Bilateral conditions, i.e. where there are two body parts, such as eyes and ears, may not be covered if your pet has already been treated for a condition on one of these parts
  • Conditions for which there are vaccines may not be covered, regardless of whether your dog has been vaccinated or not


To find out which policy offers the best cover, take some time to speak to your pet’s vet about the companies it deals with, what your pet should be covered for and what you can maybe do without.

If you’re an animal lover to the extent that you wish to help other, less fortunate animals, then the RSPCA will donate a portion of your policy to helping others. 

There are comparison websites which can help you choose a policy based on price or cover. To find out more visit:


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