Dining out on the cheap

One of the most pleasant experiences is having a delicious meal while enjoying good company. However, dining out can really put a dent in your wallet, and this can dampen your mood. So, why not take a look at these helpful hints to make dining out more affordable?

Sharing is caring 

While you can run the risk of looking a bit cheap, sharing a meal with a friend or partner can be a way to cut down restaurant costs a little. Instead of ordering two mains that neither of you will finish, go for one entree and one main instead. 

Don’t overeat 

The benefit of ordering a large meal is that you can ask to take the remaining food home in a takeaway container to eat later. You’ll just need to get into the habit of not overeating so that there will be enough leftovers to take with you. 

Save on drinks 

Often, we’ll order a drink out of habit rather than need. If you’re out for a meal, opting-out your usual coffee, tea or other drink for water is an automatic saving of $3.50 – $7, which really adds up if you eat out regularly. 

Another thing about drinks 

At some restaurants when you ask for water, the server will automatically bring a bottle of sparkling water to get you to spend more. Stop this happening by always stipulating that you’d like tap water. 

Go out for lunch or brunch 

Generally speaking, the price of eating out for lunch or brunch is cheaper than eating out for dinner. So if you enjoy eating at restaurants and cafes, going out for a daytime meal instead of dinner can be a way to reduce your spending. Lunchtime portion sizes are also usually smaller, so it’s better for your waistline as well. 

Use vouchers and seniors discounts

Restaurant vouchers are definitely your friend, so use them whenever you can. You can usually get some great deals on websites like Scoopon, Living Social and Groupon. Another way to obtain great restaurant vouchers is by buying the Entertainment Book. For around $60 you will receive a book full of dining options at restaurants, with offers such as two-for-one dining and 25% off your total bill. The Entertainment Book is also full of retail and entertainment discounts.  

If you’re 60 or over and not in full-time employment, it’s worth checking if you’re eligible for a Seniors Card for your state or territory. Seniors Cards offer a variety of discounts, from public transport travel, admission to events, goods and services including some dining options.

Amelia Theodorakis
Amelia Theodorakishttps://ameliatheoodorakis.godaddysites.com/
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