EOFY investor checklist

Managing your investments can be onerous, particularly, at the end of every financial year. If you are one of those investors that relies solely on what your online broker might provide in the form of reporting and record keeping, you might not be getting the full picture of your investments.

Many of us are dividend investors, which means keeping track of all the paperwork related to dividends, including the shoebox of dividend statements from your share registry. Just reading these sentences here might give some of us some level of anxiety.

It doesn’t have to be that complicated. There’s an easier way!

A simple set checklist can make the process of being a prepared investor much easier.

1. Take stock of your stocks and other unlisted funds
2. Paint your financial picture – understand your capital gains and dividend income streams
3. Make best use of tax loss selling to get rid of the duds in your portfolio
4. Track all investment related subscription invoices to claim for tax time 

Fortunately, with the proliferation of online tools – from your fund manager and share registries to Sharesight – this is easier than ever.

Complete the EOFY investor checklist with Sharesight.

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