Estate planning & wills

Common mistakes when writing your will

Don't leave your loved ones with a mess by failing to deal with these issues.

Seven items your estate plan may have left out

Look out for your loved ones by tackling these additional estate-planning jobs.

Inheritance and the Age Pension

Will your windfall mean that you lose your pension?

Wills made simple a success

YourLifeChoices' first webinar with a success.

Could an online will work for you?

Many of us put off making or updating a will, but we all know we shouldn't.

Families failing on ‘taboo topics’

How to have ‘that' conversation without upsetting the family is still an issue.

Are ‘homemade’ updates to a will valid?

Members ask about alterations to a will and how to pass on half a home to ‘children'.

COVID heaps pressure on estate planning

Why we need to get our affairs in order - and keep them that way.

Providing for the grandchildren

Estate planning expert Rod Cunich answers your questions on trust funds and executors.

What happens when a will is lost

What to do when valuable legal documents go missing.

Are you being cut out of a will?

Candice is worried her mother is trying to cut her out of her will.

How much to update a will?

Marcia wants to know how much it will cost to update her will.

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