The must-ask estate planning questions…do you know the answers?

How well have you planned the management of your personal, family and financial affairs between now and your retirement, during your retirement years and upon your passing? Ask yourself the following questions and see if you have any gaps in your knowledge or your plans.

  • What happens if I die without a will or my will is out of date?
  • Can I just make amendments to my will myself without affecting its validity?
  • Who should be the executor of my estate and what happens if my executor dies before me or doesn’t want to, or can’t, perform this role?
  • What happens if my husband or wife remarries after I die? Can I ensure that my assets go only to my blood children?
  • Does it matter if some of our children are living overseas or we have overseas assets?
  • Does my will control my interest in my home, my bank accounts, my life insurance and/or my superannuation?
  • Does my will control my family trust assets?
  • Can I leave my share of my business interests via my will?
  • What do I do if my spouse or child is hopeless with money and is likely to blow their inheritance?
  • How can I help out the kids while I’m alive without risking the money being lost in a divorce?
  • Do powers of attorney continue to operate after a person has died?
  • Who is able to contest my will, and on what basis?
  • What are the most common reasons for families ending up in dispute over parent’s estates?

As you can see, there are so many issues to consider when planning for you and your families future. Let Slater & Gordon do the worrying for you and contact one of its specialist succession planning lawyers today on 1800 555 777.

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