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Five expert tips to save money when buying a mobile phone

Shiny new mobile phone offers can look very tempting, but it pays to plan ahead when you’re looking for a new deal.

Stuart Jones, a mobile phone expert at comparison website Go.Compare, says:  “Mobile phones are a consumer-led product like any other and it pays to shop around for a new deal or contract every few years. You can easily swap providers and keep your phone number and save a few dollars a month at the same time.”

Mr Jones adds: “With household bills still rising across the board, there are still a few things people can do to save some money on their mobile bills – albeit with some homework.”

Here are some tips from Mr Jones and Go.Compare for saving some cash on a mobile phone:

1. Always shop around

Use price comparison websites and compare with the prices directly from network providers to find the cheapest pay monthly contract, based on the amount of data you use or want to use.

Paying more up-front on deals may bring the monthly costs down, and could also make it easier to pass a credit check, especially on the newer, more expensive models.

You could also try haggling with your existing mobile provider at the end of a contract.

You could consider a SIM-only contract. (picture posed by model/Yui Mok/PA)

2. Consider going SIM-only 

Again, shop around by using comparison websites and comparing with network providers on the price for SIM-only contracts.

Many mobile networks include inflation-based price increases in their contracts, so it may save you money to choose a one-month contract that you can roll on.

3. Buy the handset up-front

With living costs running high, this may not be an option for some. But if you can afford it, you could consider buying a handset up-front from the manufacturer and then buy a one month only SIM contract.

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— MoneySavingExpert (@MoneySavingExp) October 18, 2019

4. Go refurbished

Consider buying a refurbished, pre-owned phone. Many online and high-street retailers now offer these kinds of handsets and grade them by their condition, saving you the cost of a new phone.

5. Check out the perks

You can also save some money on a few other household bills by choosing a provider that offers a perk with your handset or contract purchase.

Some network providers may, for example, offer a few months free subscription for television streaming services, or offer priority concert tickets.

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